"A Real Palm Tree" (Ekte Palme)
Inflatable palm, paint, sandpaper, leaves, beer, paper

“Each act of creation shall leave you humble, For it is never as great as your dream and always Inferior to that most marvellous dream of god Which is nature.” 
- Gabriela mistral, decalogue of the artist 
"Real palm" is a commentary on the philosophy behind the English garden. "Jardin Anglais" or the English Garden is a landscaping style that originated in the 18th century and quickly spread across Europe. It replaced the more formal and symmetrical 17th-century French garden style. 
The English garden represents and idealized version of nature. The goal is to create and construct a garden that is "true to nature". But making one is an art of imitation. Man Removes the original nature to set up a safer man-made one. false nature that can never be compared to the original forest that once stood in its place. But man can never recreate nature. And in his attempts to do so, creates a comical picture often at the expense of true nature that needs to be deforested in order for mankind to have their luxuries.
A good example is the Danish forests, which accounted for around 11.8% of the country, but where no one is classified as a primary forest, after massive deforestation was ordered in favor of farming and royal gardens.
The plastic palm tree, despite the efforts that have been made to make it imitate something closer to a real palm tree, is however obviously only "a real palm tree" with plastic at its core.